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Maria Zagorski has been mediating since she completed her training through the National Center for Dispute Resolution in May, 1990.  She has assisted hundreds of parties in reaching resolutions and avoiding costly litigation.  Increasingly, parties are turning to mediation and arbitration to allow a third party neutral assist them in finding creative solutions to their disputes.  “Alternative Dispute Resolution,” or “ADR,” is generally quicker, more cost effective, and can protect privacy.  Mediators must maintain confidentiality and cannot be called upon to testify.  In Michigan, settlement negotiations are protected so that parties may fully explore settlement without concern that statements or offers made during the process can be used against them later.  Simply stated, there is no disadvantage to coming to the table to talk.


Maria earned her Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University;  her Juris Doctorate from the University of Detroit;  and her Masters degree from Eastern Michigan University.  She has been licensed to practice law in Michigan since 1991.

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Q: Why should I consider mediation?

A: You should consider mediation because it is inexpensive, efficient, and promotes a resolution that is created by the parties themselves.  When the parties control the process, they are generally more invested in it and its outcome.  Being completely voluntary, mediation allows everyone at the table to “win” by allowing each party to express him/herself;  participate in the process and the outcome;  engage in finding solutions with which everyone can live;  and share information.

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